Did Fawad Khan say, ‘My country comes first’?

After IMPPA banned Pakistani actors from working in Bollywood, they have been receiving huge criticism for their decision from various sections of the society. But the IMPPA are firm in their decision and have reasons for the same too.

While talking to an Entertainment portal, IMPPA president T P Aggarwal said that while talking about the MNS controversy, Fawad had told someone from a certain section of the media, ‘Bollywood kisike baap hai kya?’

MNS Chitrapat Sena president Ameya Khopkar too said that he has heard something very shocking about Fawad. He claims, “Look, I have heard that Fawad has told a section of the media in Pakistan that ‘Hindustani logon ka dil bahut chhota hai’. Now, I don’t know how much of this is true, but hum logon ko udti udti khabar zaroor aa rahi hai. These Paki artistes say one thing here, and another thing when they go back to Pakistan.”

When asked if the community discuss Fawad’s comments in the meeting, Aggarwal said, “No, we did not. But I must say that I am shocked that Pakistani artistes are not coming forward to condemn the Uri attacks. Adnan Sami just sprang up to be the lone exception.”

Apart from him, Ashoke Pandit, IMPPA vIce president, said, “On the other hand, after the Peshawar attacks in 2014, several Indian artistes expressed grief. Lekin ab? Kahan hai yeh Pakistani artistes? But God forbid, if something happens in Spain, or even if a building collapses in the US— they will take to social media to express their grief!”

He adds, “And pray, why are the words ‘creative’, ‘talent’ being used and misused so frequently? What are these repeated chants of ‘art and culture should not be mixed’? Even a housekeeper is an artiste. Every worker is an artiste. Above all, artiste khuda nahin hota hai. Our country has carried out a strategic attack in response to the Uri attack. An undeclared war is going on. These Paki artistes can’t condemn the Uri attack even in the name of humanity. Agar aap hamare dukh mein hamare saath nahin ho, toh khushi main kyun?”

He further revealed that Fawad was heard saying this to someone, “I heard that Fawad has said: ‘My country comes first’.”

Aggarwal, on the other hand, adds, “Fawad & Co earn money from India and take it to Pakistan, and they have nothing to say about the Uri attack. Fawad charges Rs 2.5 to 3 crore for as film in India. Where would he get that kind of money?”

But amidst all this, the makers of the films which are already on floors with Pakistani actors, are suffering. MNS has asked to ban these films and Aggarwal along with Ameya Khopkar will be meeting Shalini Thackeray tomorrow to ease the situation on Karan Johar‘s upcoming film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ which also features Fawad Khan. “I will put in efforts to convey to them that ADHM was shot much before our equation with Pakistan reached an all-time low. So let us not throw spanners in films which have Pakistani artistes and are on floors. It is just that they should not be cast in new projects hereafter.”

What do you guys think? Can Fawad’s comments be true?

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