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Following Zareen’s accusations, director and producer of ‘Aksar 2’ break silence

Zareen Khan‘s recent release ‘Aksar 2’ has been thumbed down by critics and isn’t faring well at the box office either. But the trouble went a notch higher when makers accused Zareen of unprofessionalism and backing out of commitments, and she answered with a bunch of explosive allegations!

When accused of not promoting the film and also backing out of mutually agreed activities that caused the makers to pay heffy amount of compensation, Zareen said her security and interest were least taken care of. Adding that irrelevant kissing scenes were added to spice the film up and makers expected her to wear minimal clothes almost in every sequence, she also said director Ananth Mahadevan and the producers themselves were clueless as to what they wanted from the film.

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Now, both Mahadevan and producer Narendra Bajaj have broken silence.

“I work with a final edited-on-paper script that was given to all actors, hence it comes as an amusing surprise that there are allegations of confusion,extra shots etc. Every shot was explained during rehearsals and Zareen could not have had more clarity ,as we worked hard on her performance.

I have repeatedly said that a few kisses do not make a film erotic and that is not the reputation me or my producer like to have. Zareen has been through the entire shoot and dubbing sessions and she was quite thrilled with the results and she happily confessed in her interviews that she excitedly looked forward to the female oriented film. We on our part have retained that essence and in no way tarnished the film by adding anything untoward or unnecessary to the scenes,” Mahadevan said.

Bajaj, on the other hand, says Zareen only followed a ‘bound script’ that was given to her beforehand. Also, her allegations over having to wear unnecessarily short clothes are baseless since she tried everything before she left from Mumbai. (Also watch: Sexism at workplace ft. Zareen Khan)

“Firstly let me clarify I am the producer of the said film and there is no need to point fingers at others. Secondly, Zareen was kept in the loop for everything and a bound script was given to her and nothing since has changed. About the clothes, she tried every thing in Mumbai before we left for the schedule in Mauritius and all the clothes were okayed by her. So I don’t understand her comments.

Delhi itinerary was given to her talent company 2 days in advance, so I don’t know how she can say we over-committed her. Regarding, vulgarity we don’t come from that school and everything was done in consent of the actor and in the boundaries of the censor board.

We are a reputed film production house and have been in the industry for over 30 years having worked with the top names in the industry. Our reputation in the industry is known by all and we do not want to debate on anything or anyone doing whatever… for reasons best known to them,” producer Narendra Bajaj stated.

The debate doesn’t seem to die down anytime soon! Watch this space for more updates.

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