Good Luck Jerry: Janhvi Kapoor starrer unit move to Chandigarh for shooting after protest in Patiala

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Janhvi Kapoor was filming for her upcoming film Good Luck Jerry in Patiala. But, on Saturday evening, the shoot was disrupted by a group of farmers. The farmers protested and gathered on Bhupindra Road, the shooting spot. They even shouted with slogans like ‘Janhvi Kapoor vapas jao’. Also, there was a protest outside the hotel where Janhvi was staying. The production house had to wrap up the shoot soon. Now, due to security reasons, the production house decided to move the unit to Chandigarh, about 70 kms from Patiala, to shoot the movie.

As per a report in Times of India, on Monday, the unit landed in Sector 8, Chandigarh to shoot some important scenes and it will be there for four days as per a source. Sources also informed the publication that after the incident, the unit ‘brainstormed to alter the strategy’ to avoid this kind of incident again. Without talking or meeting with the officials in Patiala, the unit changed the location and the work of the new set up started in the wee hours.

The report in the publication states that Janhvi was in simple looks and she was seen entering the shop created inside a showroom. The local production team met the Chandigarh police and others in the UT administration. Janhvi and the staff are staying in a hotel in Patiala and they will be travelling to Chandigarh on a daily basis. If the schedule is extended, then everyone will shift to Chandigarh as per a source.


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It happened for the second time. Earlier, when Janhvi was filming for Good Luck Jerry at Bassi Pathana in Punjab, the farmer’s groups gathered outside the venue and asked her opinion on the farmers’ protest against the three agriculture laws.

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