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Happy Mother’s Day:Bollywood celebrities share personal photos with their mom

Today is Mother’s Day. The most beautiful gift God has conferred on humanity. Mother’s give unconditional love to their children, and this one day in the year children thank their Mother’s for their care and Love. Bollywood celebrities too took to Twitter to wish their mother;s and share their favorite pictures with their mom on social media.

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Anushka Sharma shared this

Arjun Kapoor wrote

Virat Kohli roo added a few words

Sonakshi Sinha shared this picture on Twitter,

Akshay Kumr shared his photo with his mother and wrote,

Alia Bhatt took to Twitter to thank her mother,

Karan Johar shared this picture,

Ranveer shared this picture,

Sonu Sood shared a letter attached to his photo ,

Wishing Happy Mothers Day to all.

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