Salman Khan

Sohail’s team lost in Hyderabad in CCL Matches despite of full support from bollywood celebs like Kangna  Ranaut , Salman Khan and Chitrangada Singh.
An Upset Salman Khan over this defeat made announcement that he was open to playing the matches next year. His statement took all those present by surprise.


Source Revealed , “Salman has been extremely upset that his brother’s team is not in ‘winning mode’. He feels his presence will make a huge difference to Sohail’s team. He thinks he can change the fortunes of Sohail’s men.”

Meanwhile Doctors advised Salman not to indulge in too much action due to his trigeminal neuralgia condition? “After his trip overseas for treatment this year, Salman should be fully fit. The game is not necessarily about one’s age; it’s all in the mind,” the source said and added, “Interestingly, Salman’s presence will be rather intimidating to his opponents on the field and Salman knows this well.”