Is Sunil Grover trying to take a slight dig at CBFC with ‘Coffee With D’?

Whether as a comedian or as an actor, Sunil Grover’s versatility is unquestionable. The makers of his next film ‘Coffee With D’ have done various experiments in terms of storytelling and experiment. One of them is when Grover will try and break the invisible  wall between him and the audience. Didn’t get it? Let us tell you.

The actor, in the film, plays a journalist who is desperately chasing underworld don ‘D’ for a live interview, to recover his channel’s TRP. There will be sequences in the film, wherein Grover will take up a packet of cigarettes, will break the invisible, fourth wall between him and the audience, make fun of the statutory Warning regarding smoking that comes on screen, but WILL NOT smoke. This goes on until he really reaches ‘D’. Once the much desired live interview is on, he fearlessly takes a cigarette and smokes on camera, with the warning message appearing on screen.


Commenting on the same, director Vishal Mishra said, “There are various instances in the film, where the narrative breaks the fourth wall and gives a humorous take on censorship. The censors have been very sporting about the comment and have enjoyed the timing of these sequences.”

‘Coffee With D’ is slated to release on January 20, 2017.