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Must Watch: This is how Katrina Kaif dealt with a cheeky fan

When you are a public figure, along with all the love coming your way, you have to be prepared to deal with unruly fans too. Where some celebrities find it difficult to handle such situations, Katrina Kaif knows how to deal with it in the best way possible.

Katrina, who was in Vancouver for the Dabangg tour, encountered some disrespectful fans as she stepped out of her hotel. As per reports, there were two fans who wanted to click a selfie with the Bollywood actress but she requested them to wait for 15 minutes. Kat has been travelling continuously since many days and hasn’t got complete sleep, hence she wanted to take a quick nap. The fans couldn’t handle that and started booing her.

Someone has shot a video of the entire scenario and it has gone viral on the internet. Check it out below:

In the video, we can hear the fan say, “We don’t want to take a pic with you! Booo…” This would have agitated anyone, but Katrina turned to them and very politely said, “You know what? You shouldn’t do that, guys. I am very tired and I had a long show.”

Then fans then started shouting, “You need to have a better attitude. People call you an actress but when people come to meet you, ignore them.

Katrina asked them to calm down but they seemed unaffected by that. There were some other fans waiting who also must have requested Katrina for pictures and she happily obliged. In the video, some fans can be heard saying that Katrina has a good heart.

Our other celebrities can take a lesson from Kat and handle such situation calmly and politely.

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