Maanyata Dutt might undergo surgery in 15 years

Actor Sanjay Dutt who is in the centre of another controversy due to his parole being granted to take care of his ailing wife has got people divided. Some say that Manyata is just acting some say that it is a fact. Dr Chaughule has stated that she does suffer from a 6 cm tumour in her liver and has heart problem too.”She has to undergo further diagnosis. After the recent controversy she has not returned to my clinic. If it is not cancerous, she may need to undergo a surgery, may be after 15 years.”

As per sources, Sanju’s friend are saddened by the events surrounding him. Bunty Walia states that Sanjay has already lost his mom and first wife to cancer and now Manyata too is diagnosed with a tumour and this has hit the actor hard. Even Mahesh Bhatt said, “I can say that her illness has come as a big setback for Sanjay. He is really vulnerable at this time and it couldn’t get worse.”

Salman Khan‘s father Salim Khan described Manyata’s sickness as tragic, “Every person is born with his share of good and bad luck. In Sanjay’s case it seems the bad has outnumbered the good.”

Sanju your fans are with you so do not lose heart.