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‘Manikarnika’ director Krish: My team is hurt as Kangana Ranaut has taken away their credits

Image Source - Instagram

Kangana Ranaut and controversies seem to go hand in hand. Prior to the release of her every film, some or the other issue surrounding the project crops up and it gets mired in controversies. Kangana’s latest release ‘Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi’ too faced the same issue ever since its inception.

Director Krish, who was accused of leaving ‘Manikarnika’ mid-way due to his commitment to other projects, has now finally opened up regarding the entire fiasco. The director, in his recent interviews, said that the entire situation was handled in a very poor taste and Kangana walked away with his credit.

Kangana and her sister Rangoli Chandel claimed that the actress shot 70 per cent of the film after Krish walked out. Now lashing out at Rangoli’s claim, Krish said (in an interview to Cine Blitz) that just by adding a few close-up shots, one cannot claim to have shot 70 per cent of the film.

The director also clarified that he didn’t speak up about the controversy before because he wanted the film to release first. And now that it has released, he wants to clear everything as people are questioning his morality. Krish said, “I accepted this film because Kangana Ranaut is a very good actor. I was excited that she will play Rani Lakshmibai. She accepted the film when I came on board.”

He further added, “There was no need to change my name and make her the creator of the film in the end. I just want closure. My whole team is hurt because they worked a lot and she has taken away the credit. There are so many people who have not got their credit in the rolling title in the end.”

We just wonder what Kangana has to say about Krish’s allegations now. Till then, stay tuned for more such interesting updates.

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