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This is Priyanka Chopra’s perfect advice for all the women who want to balance ambition and love

Image Source - Instagram

Bollywood actress and global phenomena Priyanka Chopra married her American musician beau Nick Jonas in an intimate yet lavish wedding in Rajasthan’s Umaid Bhawan Palace. Interestingly, the couple got married twice, as per Christian and Hindu traditions. NickYanka hosted their first wedding reception in New Delhi.

The actress has returned to her work commitments and she also gave her first interview post marriage to NDTV. In the interview, giving advice to all brides out there who might be conflicted about their priorities post marriage, the actress said, “I would just tell brides out there, whatever your priority is, it is right. It doesn’t matter if your priority is work, that’s right. If your priority is a honeymoon, that’s right. If your priority is doing nothing, that’s right too. ’Cause as newlyweds, it’s really your turn. You get to do whatever you want. And with us, these are the choices we took that work for us.”

Offering her advice to women on balancing ambition and love, Priyanka said, “Don’t focus your energies so much on what people think of you. And what your image is and what society says. Focus your energies on how you feel about your job and how your loved ones make you feel like, what your husband makes you feel like. I think if we live in reality rather than thinking about what society would say, then life will be very simple. The society doesn’t come to help you when you have bad times. As soon as you shut out the clutter, everything becomes simple. “

We are really amazed by Priyanka’s maturity and her wonderful advice for all the women out there.

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