Padmavati: Are the protests justified? Pulkit Samrat opens up

With open, violent threats to the actors of ‘Padmavati’, Rajput organisations are turning a menace for the makers. The film’s release which was supposed to happen on 1st December, has been deferred for indefinite time already. The film industry, however, condemns such acts and stands with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and ‘Padmavati’, his work of much love.

Yesterday, during an interview wherein he was promoting his upcoming release ‘Fukrey Returns’ , actor Pulkit Samrat said it was unfortunate how a specific community’s objections against the film were being carried out. (Also Read: Firangi over Padmavati: Here’s what Kapil has to say about his film coming on December 1)

“I don’t want to comment on who’s right and who’s wrong. You can have your own opinions. These people could ask to watch the movie first. If there’s somehting in it that you don’t like it, you can discuss. But the way this mater is being handles, isn’t correct. On one hand, you say you’re protecting a woman’s dignity. On another hand, you’re threatening a woman. This is the wrong way to go about it. You can use the law to speak up. Law is for everyone. But you can’t do this. You’re being multi-faced here,” he said.

Today, the Indian Films and TV Directors’ Association (IFTDA), along with a number of other TV and film organisations, is planning a 15-minute blackout today, acorss Mumbai. This is a gesture to show the bodies’ support towards Bhansali. For these 15 minutes, all functioning units of any TV show or film, will pause shooting.