Pahlaj Nihalani hits back at Kangana Ranaut’s allegations; warns her saying, “She shouldn’t play with me”

Image Source - Instagram

Kangana Ranaut really knows how to stir stir up a hornets’ nest. In a recent interview with Mid-Day, the actress walked down memory lane and made some revelations regarding her struggling days. The ‘Queen‘ actress said that filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani asked her to pose only in a robe for a photoshoot of one of his films.

Now, Pahlaj has responded to Kangana’s allegations and said that contrary to her claims, she walked out of his film after bagging a role in Anurag Basu‘s ‘Gangster’. And in fact, it was the poster of his film that helped her bag ‘Gangster’.

Warning Kangana against playing with him, Pahlaj told Cineblitz, “I had spent one-and-a-half crore on that picture advertisement and shot for three songs. She did the reading post the photoshoot, but with my advertisement and the poster, she got Mahesh Bhatt’s film and backed out of my film as she requested me to let her do ‘Gangster’ as we were under a three-movie deal. She should not play with me, otherwise, I have a lot of things to play with her.”

On Kangana’s claim that his film was kind of soft porn, the filmmaker said, “It was never a porn film and neither am I interested in those kinds of movies.”

We wonder what Kangana has to say about Pahlaj’s clarification now. Over to you, Kangana.

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