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Parineeti Chopra finally reveals how generous jiju Nick Jonas was while giving joota hiding fee

Image Source - Instagram

In Indian weddings, the playful banter between the Groom and the Bridesmaids adds more colour and fun to the pre-wedding festivities. And it was the same in Priyanka Chopra‘s wedding too as her cousin Parineeti Chopra left no chance to pull her jiju Nick Jonas’ leg.

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Ever since the news of Priyanka Chopra’s engagement (Roka ceremony) came out, we all saw Nick and Parineeti indulging in friendly banters on social media as they left amusing comments on each other’s posts. Now prior to NickYanka’s wedding, stories were doing the rounds that Parineeti is going to ask from her jiju ( brother-in-law) a whopping sum of 5 million dollars for the shoe hiding fee(a tradition in Indian weddings)

But as the couple’s wedding was an intimate affair, so everyone was wondering if Nick actually paid that much amount for the shoe hiding fee. Now clearing all the speculations, Parineeti herself revealed how generous Nick is. The actress took to Twitter and posted a message that everyone speculating about the money know nothing.

You can read her post below:

As Parineeti called Nick ‘MORE THAN CRAZY HUGELY MADLY GENEROUS’ we wonder how much actually he paid for the joota churai fee. But going by Parineeti’s post it is definitely something beyond our expectations.

Earlier welcoming Nick to the family, Parineeti had shared the below post:

Truly Nick seems to be the perfect husband and we are so glad that Priyanka has him in her life.

For more such interesting updates keep watching this space.

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