Prakash Jha reveals how people with vested interests are trying to portray ‘Aashram’ in a negative light

Image Source - Instagram

Prakash Jha directed ‘Aashram’ has been getting really great reviews all over the world. The show which has Bobby Deol in the lead is high on content and showcases a fictional world but at the same time deals with real-world issues. Despite being a fictional tale, there have been many religious groups who’re trying to defame the show. Many have even claimed on social media that the show tries to portray the religious beliefs of the Hindus in a negative light. However, Prakash Jha opens up about the same and clarifies about these claims while talking to Bollywood Bubble.

Prakash Jha didn’t shy away from talking of this and also didn’t mince his words. Have a look at the interview right here:

Talking of ‘Aashram’, Prakash Jha said, “Let me tell you openly that ‘Aashram’ hasn’t been modelled on any person, any topic or any religion in particular. It’s a fictional tale. However, people who’re trying to bring a bad name to the Hindu religion, they’ve been discussed in this show, and this show is showing those sort of people’s bad deeds only. There is no mention of any god or goddess in bad faith in this show.

Well, Prakash Jha opened up without saying only about how some people with vested interests are trying to give a negative colour to ‘Aashram’. Even though it says nothing wrong about the Hindu gods and goddesses, it does expose the fake gurus who’re trying to use the name of god and con people by the means of spirituality.

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