You too had a Rahul Bose moment? Twitterati is here to share their funny ones

Image Source - Instagram

Rahul Bose, the 51-year-old actor, took social media by storm after posting a video where he was seen speaking about really expensive bananas from JW Marriot Chandigarh. After facing immense support from people all over, now Rahul Bose’s post has created a huge meme fest. The actor gets the support of his Twitter fans who have started a new moment called – My Rahul Bose Moment. Twitterati started pouring down the posts with their #RahulBoseMoment in which the fans have started posting the price tags of most expensive things that they have ever bought.

The actor who is currently shooting in Chandigarh for his upcoming film is resting currently in one of the most expensive hotels. Thus, when he posted a video of the bill which cost him Rs 442.50 only for two bananas, it just wen viral all over. Soon, the officials involved in the matter were directed to investigate how JW Marriott charged Goods and Services Tax for fresh fruits, which technically are exempt of such taxes.

Meanwhile, have a look at the Rahul Bose Moment stories shared by his Twitterati fans.

While it’s all happening in good humour, we wonder how the officials at the aforementioned 5-star property must be feeling. Rahul Bose, who brought forth a genuine concern is being lauded as the hero of the common man. Let’s wait and watch what happens to the curious case of the banana eventually.

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