Ram Gopal Varma announces his next film, ‘Virus’

Image Source - IB Times

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma on Sunday announced his next film titled ‘Virus’.

“My next film is titled ‘Virus’ and is being produced by Parag Sanghvi, who produced ‘Sarkar’ and ‘The Attacks of 26/11’,” Varma tweeted.

This comes after his film ‘Officer’, which released last month.

He had said: “It (‘Officer’) is a film about the violent society we live in and one man’s struggle to bring a semblance of sanity in the lives of common citizens. The violence in ‘Officer’ is raw and real.” (Also Read: From Malaika Arora to Shilpa Shetty, these actresses are ageing with grace)

“You can’t show the reaction until you spotlight the action. The violence here is not gratuitous. It will make the audience uncomfortable, as any form of violence is supposed to,” he added.

The other films keeping him busy are ‘Geher’, ‘Rai’ and ‘Nuclear’.