Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif

Ranbir Kapoor had gone over to call on his neighbor and Gym companion Sanjay Dutt with whom he shares a good friendship around 10.30pm,to express his solidarity with the actor on the news of the latter’s imminent arrest. RK exited Dutt’s home at 1.30 am and headed home. Lo and behold!as the actor returned home, he was immediately followed by a very familiar black Audi 8822,along with the familiar form of Ms Kaif entering Kapoor’s gate.It sure looks like instead of paying Dutt a visit herself his former co-star preferred to hear everything from Ranbir himself.



According to source Katrina’s nocturnal visits to this particular Pali Hill household are not new This is not the first time Kat has been caught slipping into Ranbir’s house in the dead of night.they may deny their relationship as much as they want but some things do not remain hidden for long.

Well all we can say is that some secret’s are not meant to be.