Randhir Kapoor on separation with wife Babita: She found that I was a terrible man

Yesteryear actress Babita Kapoor, who also happens to be the mother of Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan, recently celebrated her 70th birthday.  Like they celebrate any other occasion, the Kapoor Khandan came together to make it special for the birthday lady.

Although she and husband Randhir Kapoor do not stay together for a long time now, their relationship remains extremely cordial and somewhere filled with  unspoken concern too, if we may say. Randhir keeps emphasising that neither of them feel the need to get divorced legally.

“She’s a crucial part of my life. She has given me two lovely kids. We are all grown up people, and we preferred to stay separately, we are not enemies,” he said, while discussing his present terms with Babita. (Also Read: Daddy Randhir Kapoor opens up on Karisma Kapoor’s marriage)

They frequently meet each other, are seen together at family gatherings and you wouldn’t spot a single hint of discomfort between them. However, after all these years of staying apart from each other, why aren’t they still divorced?

“Divorce for what? Why should we head for divorce? I don’t intend to get married again, and nor does she,” Randhir says, as he rightly points out the reason behind their separation. “She found that I was a terrible man who drank a lot and came home late, which was something she didn’t like. And I didn’t want to live the way she wanted, and she couldn’t accept me as I am, though it was a love marriage. So it’s okay. We had two lovely children to look after. She brought them up in the best way and they have excelled in their career. What else I could have asked for as a father?,” he says.

Such serene endings are a rarity these days, isn’t it?