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Actor Rani Mukerji is gearing up for the release of her upcoming movie titled Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway. Days before the movie release, the trailer of Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway was shared by the makers. And, it gave a glimpse into the heartwrenching struggle of a mother. During the promotions of Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway, Rani Mukerji sat down with us for a candid conversation, wherein, the actress also opened up about her father, Ram Mukherjee and her mother, Krishna Mukherjee.

In an exclusive interview with us, the actress spoke at length about her father, Ram Mukherjee, with whom she shared an extremely close relationship. Rani Mukerji also opened up about losing her father. She then revealed the one memory of her father that she took to the sets of Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway.

Rani Mukerji on losing her father

Rani Mukerji told Bollywood Bubble, “After I lost my dad, I think there has been a shift in the understanding that how important that time is that you spend with your parents. Because, it is never enough for a child.” During the interview, Mukerji remembered how her dad was always there by her side in her highs and lows.

When asked about the memory of her dad that she carried with her in Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway. Rani revealed, “So, in this film, these actors who you see from Bengali cinema. They all are part of my father’s films. So, it was quite surreal for me to be able to spend time with them and speak about my dad.”

The actress added, “And, in a way, I feel, my dad lingers on with me everytime. Because, I still believe that he’s around me and his blessings are there. But, with each new film that I do after my dad’s passed away, specially Hitchki. It was the first film I did after my dad passed away. These films will always be incomplete for me because these are the films that my father could not see. And I would always be curious to know what he would have felt.”

Rani reveals family’s reaction after watching Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway

Mukerji said, “In fact, my family, when my chachas and all saw it and when they told me ‘If dad was alive he would be proud of me’, I began crying. That was something that I always get emotional about. But yeah, that is my reality today. I’ve lost a parent. But, yeah. I’m holding on to the one who’s still there around me, my mum.”

Meanwhile, talking about Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway, it is directed by Ashima Chhibber. And, in the movie, Rani is set to play the role of a Bengali mother who faces struggles and fights against the Norwegian foster care, to bring back her children.

Bollywood Bubble gave the movie Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway a rating of four stars in the review. Read the Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway review HERE.

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