Really? Arun Gawli didn’t want a heroic portrayal of himself in Arjun Rampal’s ‘Daddy’

Anyone who has seen the two teasers of Arjun Rampal’s ‘Daddy’, which is a biopic of gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawli, would say that there is no one better suited to play the gangster better than Rampal himself. However, the man, Arun Gawli himself, had some other plans for his character, played by Arjun.

Arun did not want Arjun to portray former as a heroic figure, as he said that he has served punishment for whatever he has done so far, so it should not be glorified.

“When I met Arun briefly after he was out on parole, he told me don’t portray me like a hero. That is not what I want. What I have done is done. I have served my time and punishment for it,” recounted Arjun.

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According to Arjun, he found the man to be simple and soft spoken, though he touted to be one of the most dreading gangsters of his time.

He said, “Everyone has a different opinion about him. The public has an opinion, police have an opinion, the government has an opinion. I found him to be a very normal and soft-spoken man which an exact antithesis of everything anybody else was saying about him. He was very well-mannered. I found him to be a simple and endearing person.”

Well, ‘Daddy’ stars Arjun Rampal in the title role of Arun Gawli, and the movie will be released some time in 2017.