Richa Chadha payal ghosh

Richa Chadha had filed a defamation case against Payal Ghosh for dragging her name in the sexual misconduct case filed against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. Richa has won her defamation case and now Payal has issued an unconditional apology to the ‘Fukrey’ actress.

Apart from Payal, Richa had also named Kamaal R Khan, a news channel and few others in her suit. Richa recently opened up about why she didn’t press for monetary compensation.


Now that Payal has issued an unconditional apology, talking about how it was never about money but her respect, Richa told Mumbai Mirror, “The court has constantly recorded what is right and I’d not hold Twitter over the court. It is not just an apology; it is the consent terms as an undertaking, which is sacrosanct. My fans may want more, but this was not about money, only about my respect.”

Further adding how she had never started it but now has definitely ended it, Richa said, “The suit continues against the other defendants even though the news channel agreed to the injunction and deletion of all videos and posts with defamatory content against me, and Kamaal R Khan’s lawyer gave a statement as recorded in the order of the court that his client has no intention of repeating his tweets and that he’ll not make any similar remarks about me or the statement made by Payal in relation to me on Twitter or any other media. Out of respect for the and the proceedings on October 7, I decided not to press for monetary compensation. It was not about money anyway. You can’t put a price on my reputation. I had sued for Rs 1.1 crore, which is very close to the bare minimum in a defamatory case in the Bombay High Court. I didn’t start it, but I have certainly finished it.”

Earlier, despite her lawyer saying that she will apologise, Payal said she won’t. But finally, she has rendered an apology to Richa. And the ‘Fukrey’ actress is more than happy with the outcome of the defamation suit.

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