Salman Khan - Ajay Devgn - Sanjay Dutt

Salman Khan has already jumped into the fight of Ajay Devgan as both of them are Very good friends.

Salman tweeted : ” Pathan Ke Yaar Se Panga Mat lena Sorry yaar..Diwali bekaar without Son of Sardaar”

Amid about all the legal jargon being bandied about between the Competition Commission and Ajay Devgn, what has left people confused is just why Salman Khan has become so involved in this fight since he is neither starring in the movie nor is involved as a producer.


Ajay Devgn had recently told in an Interview how Salman’s small role in the movie came about. He said, “I went to Salman and said I want you to do a small bit in the film and he said fine. I said I want you in a song, he said which one? I told him the song, he said ok and thats how it happened.”