Shabana Azmi prevents an uncomfortable situation at Om Puri’s funeral

Shabana Azmi, although deeply saddened, handled the situation effectively at Om Puri's funeral.

Shabana Azmi prevents an uncomfortable situation at Om Puri’s funeral

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Om Puri-Shabana Azmi

Creating a huge void, veteran actor Om Puri passed away on 6th of January at his Mumbai residence after suffering a massive heart attack. Among his contemporaries, actress Shabana Azmi was deeply saddened and shocked. She and Puri shared screen in 14 films. Therefore, it was no easy for her to get down with the fact that the actor she admired so much was no more. However, the graceful lady that she is, Azmi did not lose it out to the moment’s grief. That morning at Puri’s residence, she avoided a very awkward situation that could have cropped up.

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It so happened that Nandita Puri and Seema Kapoor, both of Puri’s former wives, showed up at his residence that morning. It could have been uncomfortable for both, but Azmi didn’t let it be.

“Shabana made sure that there was no unpleasantness. She personally guided Seemaji inside to see Om’s body when Seemaji arrived, thereby avoiding all awkwardness in the situation,” a friend of Puri later told a leading daily.


While Seema and Om Puri’s marriage lasted for not more than a year, she had come back to his life. In fact, Puri wanted to put an end to his marriage (that lasted for 26 years) with Nandita and go back to Seema. It indeed would be awkward if the two faced each other.

“I did what was the need of the hour. It was only fair that both Nandita and Seema be treated with respect at the venue of the tragedy after Om’s death. Both women conducted themselves with great dignity,” Azmi told the daily.

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