Shah Rukh Khan credits his career to Yash Chopra after receiving Yash Chopra Memorial Award

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan was honoured with the prestigious Fourth Yash Chopra Memorial Award yesterday, and the award was presented to him by none other than veteran actress Rekha. The actor was all praises for the late film-maker and expressed how Yash Chopra helped in shaping his career.

He said how whenever he gets into a conversation with young people or anyone, he mostly talks about Yash Chopra. “I was with Mr. Anand L Rai and for half hour we discussed the film and the next one-and-half hour all we discussed was how Mr. Yash Chopra made you feel on the sets, how Mr. Yash Chopra directed you on the set, how Mr. Yash Chopra more than direction made you feel loved on the set, how Mr. Yash Chopra served you parathas on the set. So I am going to miss him.” (Also Read: Sweet! This Valentine’s Day, Shah Rukh Khan surprised the ladies in his office with lovely gifts)

“This is an extremely emotional moment and even though I feel it from the inside, I don’t want to externalise it because this has been a long evening. For me one of the most important evenings of my life to be honest, because the set of people who are here talking such wonderful nice things about me, showing me a documentary where I have achieved a lot, none of this was possible if it wasn’t for all the beauty, the love and kindness and gentleness and even now the enthusiasm everyone gives me whenever I meet them. I am not well-mannered. I am just being well brought up by the Indian film industry. So Thank You to all of you belonging to Indian film industry for bringing me up so well,” SRK added.

He further spoke about Yash ji and how is introduced him to the romantic genre of movies, and revealed, “I was killing people and misbehaving completely (referring to his earlier films) even without being on drugs and that was really really intense and I remember Yash ji met me and said jab tak tu lover boy play nahi karega na tera kuch nae hone ka hai.”

He added, “Well I was really not sure about it. I didn’t think I was good-looking enough, I didn’t think I was a pretty boy enough to play romance in films and do the stuff, but he kept on telling me to do it and when Yash Chopra tells you that, you say okay there must be some sense to it. So if I don’t look like a romantic hero in a film, if I don’t act like one, I just have to go by his belief and I did and it genuinely did play dividend. It really has created my career. Yash Chopra has single-handedly created my career… I am who I am because of what Yash Chopra made me do and made me into…”

Wow, those are some beautiful words that SRK said. Yash ji, we truly miss your presence in the film-making scenario of Bollywood.