Shah Rukh Khan to have a cameo in ‘Ittefaq’?

After releasing the engaging and mysterious trailer of ‘Ittefaq’, the makers had announced a no-promotional strategy so as to preserve the suspense of the movie. However, this evening they finally decided to hold a press conference much to the delight of the media. The press conference started off with an introduction for Karan Johar in his inimitable style where he reminded one and all of the 1969 original movie ‘Ittefaq’ which starred Rajesh Khanna and Nanda in lead roles. Then, he went on to speak of his undying affection for best friend Shah Rukh Khan who is also one of the producers of the movie.

Soon, Shah Rukh Khan made an entry on stage and the two fondly spoke of each other, even addressing reports of a fallout as SRK said, “I have never had a problem with Karan Johar. Will always love him. I have seen several shades of love with Karan from friends to Brothers, to some another level.” (Also Check: WATCH: Sidharth Malhotra and his fun antics with his co-stars while shooting ‘Ittefaq’)

He also spoke about Karan’s twin babies Yash and Roohi and called them very pretty. Then, the star cast comprising of Sidharth Malhotra, Sonakshi Sinha, Akshaye Khanna and director Abhay Chopra were up on stage. Each one of them spoke about their ‘Ittefaq’ moment. SRK said, “I met Karan Johar ‘Ittefaq se’ when I was shooting for ‘Karan Arjun’; he thought I did not dress well.” Karan added, “I met Shah Rukh Khan later in ’93 and he was so warm and greeted my father so well. I think he had me at Hello.”

Amidst all this, Karan didn’t miss a chance to use the word nepotism which had everyone in splits. SRK also revealed the real murderer of the movie by saying that he is the killer. Karan spoke about how Akshaye Khanna is a strange man as he stays away from socialising. Sidharth Malhotra revealed his single status while Sonakshi spoke about how life has come a full circle as her father was offered the original ‘Ittefaq’, but he couldn’t do it and now here she is in the remake.

With lots of fun moments and laughter, the event came to an end.