Shocker – Chappal hurled at Ajay Devgn in Bihar

Bollywood’s Singham Ajay Devgn was recently spotted in Bihar. The actor was a chief guest at a BJP rally in Lakhisarai. Mr. Devgn was to campaign for the BJP candidate Sunil Kumar.

The Golmaal actor who had to be at the venue by 10.00am had arrived much later than 1.00 pm. The huge crowd who had gathered there for a look at their favourite actor, became quite agitated at his non-appearance. They soon started pelting stones and breaking chairs at the venue. Devgn saw the worst side of the crowd when a chappal was hurled towards him by the agitated mob.

Sources said, “Ajay was the chief guest for a Politician in Bihar who was standing for elections under the BJP banner. The star was asked by the candidate to make an appearance in his support and deliver a speech. However, the star got a little late in reaching the venue and the crowd got agitated. The crowd was waiting desperately for the star to address him, but his off schedule planning and unintentional delay made them angry. As and when Ajay reached the venue, the crowd got out of control and a man threw his chappals on the cavalry protecting the star.”

Looking at the worsening conditions the Singham soon took a flight back home in a chopper.