Shocking: Rishi Kapoor unable to vote in elections from New York

Image Source - Instagram

Rishi Kapoor has been denied the basic right of every Indian – the right to vote. The veteran superstar is currently in the US for medical treatment and when he checked at the Indian consulate office whether there was any procedure to vote for non-resident Indians, he found out that there was none. However, what the superstar didn’t check is the online website of the election commission, which has all details of how an NRI can vote.

Rishi took to social media and tweeted, “Called the Indian Consulate’s office here in NY to inquire if there was any facility for people like us to vote(away from home)There wasn’t. Please do not forget to vote wherever and whenever you have to. Jai Hind! Vande Mataram! (Sorry for earlier error) (sic).” Check out his tweet right here:

Our best guess is that Senior Kapoor didn’t give a limpid glance to the election commission’s website ( which had all the details as to how to register as a non-resident Indian and how to vote on that basis.

For now, we are super elated to know that Rishi is recovering well from his medical condition. Ranbir Kapoor too informed about the same recently at an award show and said that Rishi might be back in India pretty soon. We are expecting a triumphant return of the prodigal son of the Kapoor family.

Family and friends of the Kapoors have been visiting Rishi time and again in the US and sharing pictures on social media. From Sonali Bendre to Priyanka Chopra and from Anupam Kher to Maniesh Paul, everyone has paid Rishi a visit. We too are missing him.

Get well soon, Rishi.

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