Shocking! Sofia Hayat ends her marriage with Vlad Stanescau

Image Source - DNA India

Former Bigg Boss 7 contestant Sofia Hayat who has been hitting headlines since long now, is back in news. The model turned a nun but later had a change of heart. She soon settled in holy matrimony with her Romanian boyfriend Vlad Stanescau.

The controversial celeb recently claimed that her husband raped her hence she has decided to break her marriage with him. She also added that she has even lost her child.

In a statement Sofia said, “Vlad is an evil, He was living with me, faking his real identity. He is a big-time thief. He was also raping me. I finally learned my love for him was misused. So, I asked him to move out from my house.”(Also Read: From spirituality to violence, Sofia Hayat’s Mecca trip was eventful. VIEW PICS)

She further added, “I’m suffering loss of my Baby before I could give birth. Not in good state to talk more. Need time to recover.”

Sofia got married to Vlad on April 24, 2017 and was also expecting her first child.