Rohit Shetty Ajay Devgn

Filmmaker Rohit Shetty, who awaits the release of his upcoming film ‘Golmaal Again’, is shooting the film’s final lapse in Hyderabad now. But at the same time, he has been giving out a lot of interesting information to the press who are accompanying him over there. Through one such conversation, we came to know that the third installment of ‘Singham’ is very much on.

“We’re making ‘Singham 3.’ It depends on the audience whether the brand should be turned into a franchise. The kind of response I’ve received for ‘Singham’ and ‘Singham Returns’ motivates me to do a ‘Singham 3.’ Once I get a good subject, will definitely make it happen,” Rohit stated at a media interaction. (Also Read: Akshay Kumar clarifies that ‘TEPK’ has got only 3 verbal cuts by CBFC, not 8)


“Whatever the audience wants, they will get. It (Singham) is a very big brand and really, it has given us a lot of respect. We want to make it, yes, definitely we are making ‘Singham 3’. Our whole life will go in this only, make ‘Singham 3’, then ‘Golmaal 5’ and so on (laughs). See, we make films for the audience and for their entertainment, so we will keep making such films for them. But when they feel they’ve had enough, then they will tell us and we will stop,” he added.

‘Singham’, which released in 2011, went on to be one of that year’s biggest blockbusters. ‘Singham 2’ followed into its predecessors’s footsteps. We hope the third installment brings in something new to our plates as well!

However, both Rohit and Ajay have their kitties full. While the former yet has to work on his action flick with Ranveer Singh, Ajay has ‘Son of Sardaar 2’, the biopic of Tanaji and ‘Battle of Saragarhi’. Looks like the film isn’t travelling to floors anytime before late 2018.

Waiting nevertheless!