Sonakshi Sinha forcibly made Katrina Kaif follow her on Instagram

Image Source - Instagram

Sonakshi Sinha is a hard to ignore woman. Still then, she was totally ignored by Katrina Kaif on social media. But Sona being the tough woman she is decided to take matters to her hand and sort it out with Kat. So what did actually happen? Katrina spills the beans on Arbaaz khan‘s popular chat show ‘Pinch’.

Katrina narrated an incident where there are people who she didn’t follow on Instagram come up on her, take her phone, open her Instagram and make her forcibly follow them. When Arbaaz pushed further on, Katrina said that it was none other than Sonakshi. Check out the video right here:

It so happened that when Katrina joined Instagram, she started following her friends and close ones from the film industry. Somehow, Sonakshi’s account was left behind, despite her liking Sona a lot. So during one of the Dabangg Tours that Sonakshi and Katrina are part of, Sona decided to take charge and head upto Katrina, take her phone, ask her to open up her Instagram account and forcibly made Kat follow her.

Katrina went on to clear the fact that she always wanted to follow Sona, but somehow it had slipped out from her memory. But what Sona did that day, increased her respect in Katrina’s eyes immensely. Both of them are absolutely fans of each other’s work.

Check out the video for lot more gossip and inside stories from the film industry.

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