Sonam Kapoor receives a vintage gift from rumoured boyfriend and it’s classy!

Even though Sonam Kapoor blatantly shares her thoughts over any issue in public, be it negative or positive, she is extremely discreet about her personal life. Never ever she would come out in open and spill beans over her love life, but as nothing stays hidden for long, gossip about her rumoured affair with Anand Ahuja have been making it to the headlines.

Time and again, Sonam has been linked to Anand Ahuja, who owns a Fashion line called ‘Bhane’. So, it so happened that Sonam recently posted a classy picture of herself wearing a classy denim jacket over a white maxi dress.

Of course the picture is beautiful and the jacket is too cool. Designer Masaba Gupta who was extremely impressed with the jacket left a comment for Sonam that she wants this jacket. To this, Sonam stated that it is a gift from Anand Ahuja.


How sweet!