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Tanushree Dutta has made Nana Patekar’s life a living hell considering the numerous accusations that she has been levying on him for the past two years. Even though none of the allegations have yet been proved, the pretty actress continues to bash the actor over and over again. Her latest accusation on the actor, who had allegedly harassed her, is that Nana’s Naam Foundation is now harassing and threatening her. In an open letter sent by her PR team, Tanushree talks about the whole issue at hand. Have a look:


Nana Patekar’s corrupt and fraud Naam foundation is harassing me and threatening me with legal action because I’m telling our countrymen about their illegal activities. Few media reports had come out about this in 2016 also in leading news publications but the journalists were harassed by Naam foundation using similar tactics and pressure. Naam foundation takes hundreds and thousands of crores of money every year from government and public but doesn’t give to poor farmers and soldiers as they claim, and so farmer suicides continued to rise from 2015. They trap Indian and international celebrities under different hashtags to promote their bogus campaigns on twitter and social media and collect huge funds but have done nothing much to show for it.

In fact, the lawyer who defended the Mumbai bomb blast terrorist Ajmal Kasab is on the treasury of Naam foundation, so they are also hand-in-hand with terrorist supporters. How can they claim to help the Indian Army and have on their treasury someone who defended the enemy of India Ajmal Kasab? That is just strange and very sinister.

I’m urging the other NGO’s to file PIL against Naam foundation and ask for CBI investigation on their activities. This money they are collecting using different excuses needs to go to more responsible NGO’s who are actually helping farmers and soldiers. The records of work they have don’t match the huge funds they receive from the government, non-government and private sources. Also, I urge the CBI to open investigation on not only people associated with the Naam foundation but also look into their private bank accounts and properties and other such transactions of the bank accounts associated with the Naam foundation. How much money is coming? Where is it coming from? How much is being spent? How it is being spent? Where are the records and real evidence? What work has been done since 2015?

Naam foundation also has links with nefarious illegal activities like extortion, harassment of civilians, criminal intimidation, etc and those need to be investigated too by the CBI. They are into bribing and suppressing info to avoid scandal and they just do random media events to show the public an image of charity. So this needs to be investigated too. I’m asking why no one has investigated this matter yet? I’m also urging people who have been harassed or attacked by Nana Patekar and the Naam Foundation to contact my advocate Nitin Satpute directly and give whatever information you have on any kind of harassment and corruption. Your identity will be kept anonymous if u prefer and you will get the protection of the highest order. Not one scratch will come on you or your loved ones because they have lost all their power, position and blessings due to their bad deeds.

Do you dare threaten me with defamation? Now every bad deed you have ever committed in life will come screaming at your face in full public display. And a warning too for all those folks who are still seen next to him from time to time. Cut off ties with this dishonorable man and his group completely or you might be next and your misdeeds will also come out. You have misused your position hence it will be no longer yours.

I am informing some international forums also to take note of this as this is a grave violation of human rights. No one can threaten and intimidate an activist who is speaking up on matters pertaining to human rights anywhere in the world.

Tanushree Dutta

Let’s wait and watch whether Nana Patekar or the Naam foundation have any revert to this open letter by Tanushree Dutta.

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