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‘Thackeray’ star Nawazuddin Siddiqui hits back at trolls questioning his Muslim roots

Image Source - YouTube

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is generally not known to be one of those people who gets pissed at trolls. He maintains a cool and calm demeanor always and lets his work do the talking. Of late, many have been trolling Nawaz for being a Muslim and yet going on to play an iconic character like Bal Thackeray in his biopic. The actor may have remained unfazed but he too gave in this time and reacted to the stupid comments of the trolls.

During a tête-à-tête with Bollywood Bubble when asked about this, Nawazuddin said, “When I hear such people talk, I feel that such people should open up their minds a bit. This is a film, I am an actor and this is my job. Just like everyone has their own jobs, I too have a job where I have spent almost 30-35 years of my life.” That’s nicely put, we must say. Check out the video right here:

Nawaz also goes on to say to these trolls that he isn’t going to stop playing such characters just because they don’t want him to. “I will do every kind of roles. if I get a character of a sufi saint, I will do that, and get a role of a dacoit, I will do that also. I will do a Ganesh Gaitonde in ‘Sacred Games’ and a ‘Manto’ at the same time. So I will do every type of role. Your professional life and your personal life are two separate things. I am passionate about my profession and have studied it hard for long. Just as they have a freedom to criticise me, I too have all the freedom to select the roles that I wish to do,” said Nawaz in a no-nonsense tone.

We applaud you Nawaz for taking such a good stand against the bully of the trolls. We have seen you in loads of characters and loved you in almost all of them. Hopefully, you will always listen to your heart and never bow down to the pressures from trolls or society, in general, before selecting your films. Kudos!

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