Salman Khan in grey

Salman Khan is coming to your television sets very soon Hosting the Season 6 of Reality Show Bigg Boss.

The actor is making sure that this time the controversial show is fit for family viewing and along with the channel has got the go-ahead for a prime time slot at 9 pm. Last year, the show because of its adult content had to be shifted to 11 pm as per the diktat of Information & Broadcasting Ministry. “Last time, I myself was not happy with some of the goings-on and had to pull up the inmates of the house. If the fight is justified I am all for it, but if people come into the house with the weird notion that screaming and yelling will give them more TV time, they are wrong,” says Salman.


Point out to him that the toned down version will take away from the basic format of the show and he says, “We are not toning down anything or telling anybody to behave, but the people we are choosing will be of a certain level. Yes, there will be fights but the fun elements will be more.” He adds that the best reactions he received last year were for the recap moments. “Those were beautiful moments filled with that little big of anguish, tears and anger in it. It had a combination of everything,” added Sallu.

We Wish this Season of Bigg Boss 6 Will Rock Like Never Before .