Video alert! Shah Rukh Khan is best suited to play Wolverine, says Hugh Jackman

Be it romance or action, King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan has mastered it all. And well, he sure can play a superhero right? Though he played something equivalent to superhero when he turned into a Robot for his film ‘Ra.One’, SRK is yet to tap that league of superhero films. Well, how about having SRK playing the desi Wolverine?

This is not a thought coming from us, but from the original Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, who thinks that Shah Rukh can essay his role quite well. With his film ‘Logan’ all set to make it to the theatres on March 3, Hugh Jackman had a conversation with Rajeev Masand, wherein he was asked whether he is comfortable watching some other actor stepping in his shoes of Wolverine?

To this, Hugh replied, “I think I’ll be fine with it. I hope other people play it. May be Shah Rukh Khan could play it.” This one line from Hugh has left us stumped and we have started imagining SRK as Wolverine already.

Here’s Hugh sharing his thoughts.

Shah Rukh Khan are you listening?

Hugh and SRK share a good bond as the latter had hosted a dinner for the former on his visit to India. Looks like Bollywood’s King Khan has left quite an impressive impact on the superhero who is loved all over the globe.