Zarina Wahab – Suraj is the best son,Truth will come out

Much has been written about Suraj Pancholi, Aditya Pancholi’s son regarding his role in the Jiah Khan Suicide Case. The only one two side with him was his protective father but due to his image he was hindering his son’s case.

As per sources ,Suraj’s Mom Zarina Wahab has stepped forward to take up charge of suraj’s public image,on Monday too she was there beside her son at the police station and the court too.“Let Jiah’s mother say what she wants to. The truth will come out. I will say one thing. I am a mother too. And the mother of a daughter. I know the pain that Jiah’s mother is going through. But I also know my son. I know what he’s capable of doing. And the behaviour that I hear being attributed to him is not like my son at all.Obviously we didn’t anticipate how important it was for some people to make a villain out of him. We know Suraj. And let me tell you, he is the best son any mother can hope for. If I’ve another life I’d want Suraj as my son,”

Zarina also added, “My prayers are with Jiah. I don’t think her soul would be at peace until all these controversies die down.” Meanwhile, Aditya finds it hard to deal with his son’s arrest. “He has stopped eating and he refuses to turn on the AC. ‘How can I eat and sleep properly when my son is locked up’, Aditya told a friend.”
We too hope this is solved so that the dead can be at peace.