Zayed Khan: I used to be an actor, now I am just real

Image Source - Instagram

Once upon a time, there was a Bollywood actor by the name of Zayed Khan! Is this name ringing any bells? Zayed Khan had loads of potential and was a very promising actor but then due to bad luck and poor choices, he messed up his career big time.

Zayed Khan’s film career began with ‘Chura Liyaa Hai Tumne’, followed by a popular role as Lucky in ‘Main Hoon Na’ (which also had Shah Rukh Khan) and subsequent projects which failed to elicit a positive response. Zayed made a TV debut with ‘Haasil’ last year.

In an interview with the news agency IANS, Zayed talked about his life and shed some light on it. Zayed said, “My name is Zayed Khan, I used to be an actor, now I am just real. But he still acts. I hope I am a realer one than I used to be.”

The ex-brother-in-law of Hrithik Roshan further added, “I think I am this floating piece of furniture in the middle of the ocean-going somewhere from time to time. Sometimes I am on the shores of ‘Haasil’, sometimes I am on the shores of a movie, or sometimes on the shores of a fashion shoot. I like having lots of experiences and I like understanding lots of mediums. I think the next medium I really want to understand is the digital medium.”

Bollywood is a very ruthless industry and if you don’t perform, then your past reputation counts for nothing. We hope that Zayed Khan rises like a phoenix and gets his career back on track.

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