Priyanka Chopra recalls when she was yelled at, “Just because you’re Miss World, you think you can become an actress?”

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Priyanka Chopra is one of the most celebrated actresses in Bollywood and she is ruling the international film space as well. The actress is quite the superstar now but even after winning the Miss World Pageant back in the day, Priyanka struggled in the acting field as she recalled being yelled at on set fro getting a shot wrong.

In an earlier interview, Priyanka recalled when she starred in ‘Andaaz’ along with Akshay Kumar in 2003 and she was yelled at the choreographer for not dancing well. She was 40 takes down and she said, “That was one of the first songs I shot and there were multiple things I had to achieve at that point. Once the 40-something-th take had happened and I didn’t get it right… I remember Raju Khan was the choreographer, he is Saroj (Khan) ji’s son. He threw his mic down and said, ‘Just because you’re Miss World, you think you can become an actress? Go learn how to dance and then come back and perform.”

Priyanka revealed that luckily for her Twinkle Khanna went into labour later and the schedule was cut short and later she returned learning kathak this time. She said, “Even if you don’t know something, if you have the ambition to be somewhere, if you prepare yourself, you have the ability to be better than everyone else”

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