When a producer told Shah Rukh Khan he will never make it big in Bollywood

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Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. King Khan is known not only for his acting but his dancing skills too. But it was not always smooth sailing for the actor. In his initial days in the world of Entertainment SRK too had to face rejections.

An old video of the Badshah has him recounting how a producer was unimpressed with his acting and dancing skills and had said he will never be a successful actor.

The video is shared by Bollywoodirect has Shah Rukh Khan recounting, “I went to meet a producer and he asked me ‘you want to be a hero’ and I said ‘yes sir’.” Shah Rukh said the producer asked him if he could dance and Shah Rukh mimicked how he performed an energetic dance number for him in his office. The actor said the producer told him, “Rehne do. Yeh to Govinda kilo ke bhav karta hai (Let it be, Govinda does it a lot).” Shah Rukh then said he performed a fight scene for him and the producer again said, “Rehne do. Yeh to Sunny Deol ton ke bhav karta hai (Let it be, Sunny Deol does it a lot).”


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He added, “The producer then told me I wouldn’t work at the box office. I decided that if I can’t succeed at the box office, I can at least try and fail.”

On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan will soon be seen in Pathan, Jawan and Dunki.

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