Vicky Kaushal

Bollywood witnesses n number of young people trying hard to put their foot forward in the industry. Hardly, do some shine brightly in this glamorous world either by sheer luck or their talent. One needs to be ready to face rejection when they make up their minds to enter the film fraternity. Also, the fact that there would be days when you feel like giving up on your dream and have self-doubt but despite such things you need to be courageous enough, to stand up and start the march towards your glory. And mind you, people who have had that intent are among the most successful actors, the ones which we look up to as our inspiration.


I am not here to give you any philosophical lecture about how to attain success in your life or to give you a step-by-step guide to be a power-house actor in Bollywood. But to share a tale of a man who proved his self-worth, caliber, and skills in a career span of just 3 years. The man, I am talking about is Mr. Vicky Kaushal. Yes, the innocent young guy from the 2015 film ‘Masaan’.

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Well, now that we are on the same ship, let’s take few moments of our busy schedule to appreciate this future superstar of Bollywood. To be honest, I have watched only a few of his projects, but those were enough for me to know how talented Vicky is. Kaushal is not amongst those actors who wish to play the central lead in the movie. Not many know that the 30-year-old actor has assisted Anurag Kashyap on Gangs Of Wasseypur and even his minor appearance in Bombay Velvet.

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Not playing the central lead in any of his films, Vicky has still managed to strike the right chord with the audiences. Reason being his excellent screen presence, sincerity and his passion towards his work. I doubt if there is any of his character which has not touched our hearts. Be it Deepak Chaudhary of ‘Masaan’, Raghavan of ‘Raman Raghav 2.0’ or his recent portrayal as Kamlesh in ‘Sanju’. It is his simplicity and sheer hard work which connects him with audiences.

It is a very rare sight to spot any celebrity who is an audience’s actor. And, we are privileged enough to have found one in him. Words would fall short if someone asks me about him. Hence, let me take you back to one of his old interview with, where the actor spoke at length about how he prepares for his character.

Recalling his days before the filming of Masaan began, the actor had said, “ One month before the shoot started, Neeraj Ghaywan (film’s director), Avinash Arun (film’s DOP) & I went to Banaras. They used to do their recce and I used to spend 8-10 hours every day there to get my character right. My first touch point was Manikarnika Ghat where dead bodies were burnt. The first day I went there I couldn’t stay for more than 20 minutes. Many bodies are burnt there at the same time. The smell of burning flesh really affects you. Then gradually I realized that to play my part, I have to remain unaffected and got used to it.”

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Now tell me how incredible is that. It is definitely not a catwalk to get walk pass through these no.of dead bodies just to get your character sketch right. Out of so many actors in Bollywood, there are only a few who got out their way and dig so deep for a single character. Well, that is one of the factors which differentiates this budding actor from the rest.

Vicky always puts me in a dilemma whenever I walk out of the cinema watching his film- whether he is the same handsome hunk? I mean, that is the power of his skills, he somehow manages to portray his character onscreen so swiftly that you do not believe he is Vicky Kaushal but someone else. Exactly the thing happened to me when I recently watched his latest outing ‘Sanju’. The actor who is a true-blue Punjabi in real-life got the perfect Gujarati dialect in the film. Obviously, he must have taken a training for the same but the way he pulled it onscreen left me baffled. Why profound and perfect, Vicky?

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Apart from nailing it with his films, the man is also known to sweep away all the girls out there with his charming personality. It was just yesterday when a picture of him from shoot with GQ India was out, and I couldn’t help but stare at the same for a long time. Just like me, I am sure you too must have fallen for this guy not only for his looks but for the kind of actor that he is- simple yet powerful (Roarrrr)

And for those you have had a crush on him, Vicky wants you to remember him as,” None of the usual song-’n’- dance for him. He’s been an assistant director and understands the technicalities of filmmaking well. Plus, he always has his degree in electronics and telecommunications engineering to fall back on. “