How Rahul Roy joined the cast of ‘2016 The End’. Director reveals…

Jaideep Chopra, an electronic engineer who ventured into the glamorous world of cinema, is all set with his second film called ‘2016 The End’. With an interesting story to narrate, Jaideep has managed to pull off the best casting coup for his film. We will see Divyendu Sharma, Priya Banerjee, Kiku Sharda and many others showing off their acting prowess in this film. So in an exclusive interaction, we asked him how he managed to get an ensemble cast like this for his film.

The director quipped, “Once I completed the script, I had Divyendu Sharma in my mind for the role of Sunny. I narrated him the script and he liked it. Before he could say anything, I said ‘Divyendu this film needs you’. He laughed and said JD (he calls me JD), even I need this film. For the role of Swami Aseemanand, my casting director Mukesh Chhabra suggested me Kiku Sharda. As everyone knows he was very busy at that time doing TV, I was not sure if he could afford such a long gap from TV, but once he heard the script he was very keen in doing the film. And I think he was the best choice I could get for this character. Priya Banerjee and Harshad Chopra were also suggested by Mukesh Chhabra, and we auditioned them before casting.”

Apart from these stars, we will also see veteran actor Rahul Roy in this film. Jaideep revealed that his name was also suggested by Mukesh Chhabra. He states, “Again Rahul Roy was also suggested by Mukesh Chhabra. I found it very interesting to bring back Rahul Roy after such a long gap of 17 years in a negative role. Moreover the first film I saw with a girlfriend in my school days was ‘Aashiqui’. It was very nostalgic working with him… may be my ex-girlfriend watches it and feels the same (laughs).” (Also Check: Watch the cast of ‘2016 The End’ go bonkers as they reveal their last wishes)

‘2016 The End’ is slated to release on October 6, 2017.