Alok Nath – From being ‘Sanskari’ to ‘Sarcastic’

Image Source - Instagram

“Is there a problem? You sound sad that I’m doing a film. It’s a puny role for poor producers, let it release,” – These were the exact words of veteran actor Alok Nath when he was asked about his upcoming film which ironically revolves around the #MeToo movement. Considering the fact that Alok’s name features on the alleged offenders’ list (he has been accused of rape), so with him playing a judge in a film titled #MainBhi (MeToo), irony just died a painful death.

What’s more appalling is that in a country where society doesn’t bat an eyelid before joining the bandwagon of victim blaming of such heinous crimes, an alleged sexual predator doesn’t have any qualms in resuming his work and going on about his life so easily. As an industry strongly rooting for equality and a safer work environment (for all genders), isn’t everyone supposed to socially ostracize the sexual predators until their names get cleared?

Then how come someone like Alok Nath (who has been accused of sexual misconduct by several women) be so casual and confident while talking about his upcoming projects? While we are not expecting any kind of remorse from him, what about the people who are yet to drop him from their upcoming projects?

The ‘Sanskari’ actor Alok, despite being expelled from CINTAA, will also be reportedly seen in Luv Ranjan’s upcoming film ‘De De Pyaar De’. Post the Me Too allegations, we saw several filmmakers and actors being voluntarily (or involuntarily) replaced from their upcoming projects but when it comes to Alok Nath, it looks like no one can touch him.

Getting justice in such sensitive cases is not an easy thing especially in a country like ours but as a society, why is it so difficult for us to condemn such acts? Why can’t the makers of #MainBhi simply drop or replace Alok Nath from their film? Anyway, he is not the lead actor that he will cause a great loss to the “poor producers” of the film. Also, when are the makers of ‘De De Pyaar De’ announcing that Nath is not a part of their film? Or are they simply waiting for the issue to cool down and then encash on the fickle memory of the audience?

Hindi film industry has never shied away from professing their love for Hollywood and being inspired by their standards and conduct. But when it comes to things like taking legal action against sexual predators and ostracizing them, we always fail MISERABLY.

The victims are fighting a battle every single day just to be heard and people like Alok Nath are openly mocking them by making such frivolous and insensitive statements. By trying to brush the issue under the carpet, we are complicit in normalizing sexual abuse as just another act. This needs to stop ASAP.

Last but not the least, let us all help in continuing the cause of Me Too movement. Please let’s not make a mockery of this grave issue.

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