Tamasha – That’s exactly what Bollywood has made of Sushant Singh Rajput’s unfortunate death

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It’s been a month since Sushant Singh Rajput breathed his last. And to be honest, it still feels strange to write about him in past tense. What was about him that his unfortunate death has left everyone shocked and reeling with pain?

He was one of those rare intellectual actors who was the living example of how hard work can take you places and that not all actors in B-town adhere to the ‘Brawn over Brain’ theory.

Academics, dance, acting- Whatever he did, he excelled in it. Sushant in several of his interviews had confessed that he is an introvert and by being an actor he pretends to be someone else. Interacting with innumerous people both on and off camera became a part of his job. And he did a pretty great job.

We might never know what made him take that one drastic step. Every time we see him onscreen or come across his pictures or videos it still feels that he is very much there. While we all have several questions unanswered but what followed after his death was a complete circus. Celebs indulging in mud-slinging, fake sympathy messages, personal agendas being fulfilled- we saw all of these on social media. The toxicity and negativity have increased so much that you feel like either quitting social media sites or stop following Bollywood.

A day after Sushant’s death, the media shoved their mikes in the late actor’s grieving family member’s faces. Even pictures of Sushant’s dead body were plastered on every leading channel’s news bulletin. The race for the highest TRP and traffic is so cutthroat that we all forget that we still live in a society. Very soon ethics, empathy, sympathy and sensitivity will just remain a few words in the dictionary.

Its been just a month post Sushant’s death and voila we already have a film being made on him. It is utterly disgraceful when people stoop so low that want to encash on someone’s death. The late actor’s suicide case is not even solved yet and here we have opportunist trying their best to make money out of someone’s death.

The makers will say that the film is not based on Sushant but what point are they trying to prove by casting a TikTok star who also happens to resemble the late actor? If they want to highlight the plight of ‘outsiders’ (in the film industry) through their film then please go ahead and do it. But for the love of the god, please don’t resort to such cheap tactics of gaining limelight. By trying to sell this film in Sushant’s name, the makers are simply making a mockery of commendable talent that we lost.

Kangana Ranaut has come forward to seek justice for Sushant. She highlighted how the ‘Bollywood Mafia’ worked against Sushant and broke him bit by bit. Ever since Kangana’s explosive interview, there’s an altogether different war of words going between her, Taapsee Pannu, Anurag Kashyap and Swara Bhasker. Isn’t their constant bickering and name-calling on social media derailing the entire issue? If all of them are so concerned about Sushant and what happened with him in the industry then what are they trying to achieve from their verbal spat?

The debate surrounding ‘nepotism’ and ‘Outsider Vs Insider’ has reignited. But the way every other celeb is trying to make it about themselves is appalling. Like it or not, the blame game and the mud-slinging is going to continue for a long time to come. The way the entire situation is being handled it seems everyone is here for their 2 minutes of fame and it evident neither of them give two hoots about Sushant. By spewing venom on Bollywood bigwigs or sending rape threats to Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty or ex-GF Ankita Lokhande, the trolls have reached a new low.

Then we have some celebs who without any apprehension are labelling the late actor ‘bipolar’ or ‘unstable’. Even fake reports of Sushant’s psychiatrist have taken social media by storm. Their urge to be a part of this circus is so high that they don’t even care to verify what they are saying or what they have heard.

The ‘Kedarnath’ actor’s family is allegedly not happy with the way Sushant’s close friend Sandip Ssingh or actor Shekhar Suman are trying to fight for him. They have even accused these two of doing it for their personal gain. Let the family take the steps that they want to. Let them decide whether or not they want to demand a CBI inquiry. At least let them grieve in peace rather than forcing them to give clarification on every single thing.

It was only after Sushant’s death that Sonu nigam and Bhushan Kumar’s ugly public spat started. Even Chetan Bhagat came out asking critics to write sensibly about Sushant’s posthumous release ‘Dil Bechara’ and later he went on to once again attack Vidhu Vinod Chopra over the writing credit issues that had cropped while making ‘3 Idiots’.

So what does this all indicates? It’s simple, in this circus created in the aftermath of Sushant’s death, everyone is now trying to sell their own sob stories (even when they don’t have one). So who is genuinely fighting for Sushant?

If these celebs ( using SSR’s name in their every second sentence) care so much about him then why don’t they all come together and demand a federal inquiry? If they feel there’s a foul play behind his death, they all can start a petition. Collectively demand a CBI enquiry. If despite being a part of this industry where there is a cut-throat competition they feel so appalled by his death then why doesn’t anyone of them come out and become the whistleblower?

Post his death, we have Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt proclaiming ‘I knew this was coming’ or ‘I knew something was amiss’- how is this going to solve the problem? Why didn’t anyone of them reached out to him when he was actually feeling low? If the industry is such a murky place to be in, then what is anyone doing to bring the necessary change? Is indulging in a war of words going to help us bring that change?

The kind of the ugly and dirty face of Bollywood that is exposed now, forget getting justice, Sushant won’t even rest in peace EVER. I just want to end my piece by sharing this post which Vikrant Massey had shared recently.

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And as Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”- Even if a small per cent of the industry embrace this way of life then who knows maybe someday we might see the change we all so desperately want to see in this industry.

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