What a perk for being Salman Khan’s pets!

After a long legal ordeal, Salman Khan is finally a free bird – he has been acquitted in both the cases he was convicted in. His last film, director Ali Abbas Zafar’s ‘Sultan’ turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the year. Salman won rave reviews for his performance, got away without apologising for the insensitive ‘rape’ comment. His family is celebrating all these good things that are happening to their beloved family member. All these good things aside, seems like controversy will remain Salman’s best friend, who never leaves his side. A new one has come up now, and it involves his pet dogs.

A private memorial plaque of Salman’s pets, Myson and Myjaan appeared in the public garden in the Mehboob Studio premises not very long ago, and it turns that it is a violation of the 2013 Supreme Court orders. The matter is yet to come to the notice of the officials concerned, but it looks like whoever made this possible, has flouted more than just one rule. It is usually up to the municipal corporation to green light such installations on public property. Sources say that it is favour returned to Salman Khan because he ‘promoted’ the BMC’s tree plantation drive in Mumbai by planting saplings at the Mehboob Studio.

Looks like there is no end to Salman finding himself in the wrong side of the law. Clarifying this development, Khan’s spokesperson told to a leading daily, “An NGO called ‘I Love Mumbai’ had donated this mural to the BMC as they wanted to showcase the bond a human shares with a pet animal. It was the BMC’s decision to place it at the Mehboob Studio garden. Salman is not involved with this.” It is hard to believe that Salman is oblivious to this, and it is possible that this installation might not be taken down. Do you think this is fair? Share your thoughts in the comments’ section.