Mohammed Rashid Khan all set to emerge as one of the best entrepreneurs in Dubai.

One needs to travel on a difficult path to realize his/her dream. Achieving a dream is riddled with tough experiences and failures but the one who survives the onslaught of problems, facing them with a positive mindset, rises and realizes his/her dream. To grab a stronghold in any sector in the world, one requires sheer positive thinking, exceptional talent, and undeterred dedication. One man who has broken free of the shackles, tackling problems with a smile, and has become a successful entrepreneur in diverse sectors is Mohammed Rashid Khan.

Mohammed Rashid Khan hails from Gujarat, India but is based in Dubai, UAE. He is one of the best emerging entrepreneurs of Dubai, investing in several business industries.

After moving to Dubai from Gujarat, Rashid Khan was clear in his head, he was there to become a successful entrepreneur. He focused his energy on building clientele relations, communication, and negotiation skills, and dug deep into the market of Dubai. With expertise and experience, Rashid Khan conquered a few sectors with his passion, determination, and creative thinking. He built his business portfolio rapidly and made substantive gains from highly-researched investments. He invested in multiple businesses and sectors including Entertainment, petroleum, cryptocurrency, real estate, government projects, etc. Not only did his investments reap him fantastic rewards, but they also gave him an elite list of clients. With his smart interpersonal skills, he built strong bonds with them, partnering with them to enhance his profitability. He also developed good relations with big celebrities, brands, and businesses around the world.


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At 31 years of age, Mohammed Rashid Khan leads a luxurious life, something he wanted since his childhood, surrounded by an A-list mansion, opulent cars, and travelling to exotic locales around the world. He has adopted a robust approach, helping him boost his profitability and reach accordingly. His innovative ideas get banked on, and the entrepreneur is not stopping anytime soon. Rashid Khan has not only raised a bar for contemporary entrepreneurs but has broken it with flying colours. His hard work, passion, and innovation have been lauded world-over.

With so much success, Mohammed Rashid Khan wishes to help aspiring entrepreneurs, and guide them so that their path to success gets a bit easier. Mohammed Rashid Khan’s business sense and acumen have made him one of the best entrepreneurs of Dubai.

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