BTS thanks ‘Ed Sheeran Hyung’ as they tease ARMY about their upcoming song ‘Permission to Dance’

Image Source - Instagram, Twitter

Eight years down the line and BTS (RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, V, JungKook) has managed to captivate the world with their music and charms. Their latest single Butter has been breaking records worldwide as the members wrapped the 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO recently which was a celebration of their 8th anniversary. On Day 2, the members announced that on July 9th, they will be dropping a new track along with physical CD for Butter Peaches and Cream versions. The new single is said to be titled ‘Permission to Dance’. The song, as per the statement released by Bighit, “will make your heart beat to the rhythm of BTS’s positive energy. We look forward to the love and support from all fans.”

Soon, there were reports that Ed Sheeran will be collaborating with BTS for a song. However, details of that were not clear. But recently, Ed Sheeran spilled the beans during his interviews and revealed that he is collaborating with BTS for their upcoming single. During the Most Requested Live session, he spoke about BTS and said, “I’ve actually worked with BTS on their last record and I’ve just written a song for them for their new record. And they’re like super, super cool guys as well.”

While BigHit had confirmed that a collaboration is in the works, details of it were kept hidden. But Ed Sheeran (much to ARMYs relief) spilled the beans more when he revealed that his favourite song of BTS is their upcoming song ‘Permission to Dance’ which he claimed is very ‘dancy’. Well, well, we got our confirmation here! Ed Sheeran said this during the promotion of his track Bad Habits.

Answering a few fan questions on Instagram, Ed gave a lot of spoilers. He even said that he loves collaborating with BTS. The members went live today on VLive to thank fans for their continuous support as Butter topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the fifth consecutive week. During the live, the members tried their level best to spill some beans about their upcoming track as Jimin stopped them from doing it in a hilarious way. Later, the members thanked ‘Ed Sheeran Hyung’ and mentioned that the song is peppy and something they wish the fans would enjoy as much.

Well this BTS X EdSheeran collaboration is most awaited. Don’t you agree?

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