Here’s why Jimin from BTS does not want to be an adult: It’s too hard

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Jimin from BTS recently revealed that he does not want to grow up. The singer feels that adulting is hard and don’t we all agree. BTS ARMY has been pouring in love for the Serendipity singer as he opened up about the times when being an idol was getting hard and BTS was only starting out. Park Jimin said that he would feel empty inside but over time his outlook has changed after his parents gave him the right guidance. After RM, Suga and Taehyung- Jimin spoke about his journey as a BTS member.

Talking about the days when he just debuted with Suga, RM, V, Jungkook and J-Hope, Jimin said he only realized recently that he used to be really unstable. The singer said that he was acting like he was well-grounded when he was around other people, like his family and friends, “It meant I had to pretend a lot. I worried about others by saying things like, I’m fine, but how are you? I spoke like I could always take care of anything that came up, but looking back, that wasn’t the case,” he said.

Jimin told Weverse, “I felt like I was becoming empty sometimes, at first. I felt like I was denying my own thoughts and beliefs. But I talked a lot with my parents, and I said, Did you know I was going through all that? And they said, We didn’t know what you were going through, but we knew it was something. So finally I shared what I was feeling with them, and my mom and dad talked to me like they were my life coaches. After coming out of that whole period, even when I do similar things, I can tell my mind has changed a lot. If I was more focused on my surroundings before, now I’m able to focus on myself as well. My mom told me it means I’m growing up, and that I’m finally becoming an adult. So I said, I don’t wanna be an adult—it’s too hard. (laughs)”

Meanwhile, The President of South Korea, Moon Jae In, has appointed BTS as the ‘Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture’. The Bangtan Boys will attend the 75th UN General Assembly this year.

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