Min Yoongi aka Suga says except music and BTS there is nothing special about him; We think ARMY disagrees

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BTS interviews with Weverse have been rolling out and BTS ARMY are loving it too much. After Kim Namjoon aka RM and Kim Taehyung aka V now we have Min Yoongi aka Suga heaping praises for ARMY and their immense support. Suga has been part of the music-making process on most songs on BTS and we can only see what a genius of a man he is. But, call it being humble or unaware, Min Yoongi thinks he is nothing more than a musician who is part of BTS. But, looks like ARMY disagrees and they have folded their sleeves, flexed their fingers to roll out reasons why Min Yoongi is so much more than that.

Suga told Weverse, “This is the only thing I know how to really do. Other than music and BTS, there’s nothing special about me when I look at this 28-year-old Min Yoongi. That’s why I want to keep doing this.” This just had the BTS ARMY in a state of frenzy as they went full throttle in telling Suga how much more he is than just a musician.

One of the fans wrote, “SOMEONE TELL THIS MAN THAT BEING MIN YOONGI IS WHAT MAKES HIM SPECIAL,” another fan wrote, “28-year-old min yoongi has given me and more than a million people around the world reasons to smile and keep on living with hope through your words. i dont know yoongi, i think thats pretty fucking special,” one more tweet read, “Min Yoongi, Order of Cultural Merit recipient, Special Envoy to the United Nations, philanthropist, award winning talented producer and rapper/performer, member of Bangtan Sonyeondan best selling Korean group in history etc etc says there isn’t anything special about him 😐😐”

Meanwhile, talking about Butter soaring the Billboard Hot 100 charts, Suga said, “When we were at number one for two weeks straight, I was like, Wow, this is so amazing! But after the fifth or sixth week, we really started to talk about it between ourselves: I really can’t believe this. Anyway, I feel like I have a responsibility. And I think I’ll end up thinking much, much more when we get ready for the next promotion. Even if I just try to enjoy this situation, it hasn’t sunk in. We can’t leave the country, plus there’s lots of issues in the world right now that are much more important than how well we perform on the charts.”

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