K Trends: There’s no stopping for BTS with Butter and PTD; Blackpink Weverse debut creates confusion

Image Source - BigHit Entertainment & Twitter

Korean groups have been creating a wave throughout the globe with their music. While Bangtan boys BTS (members RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, J Hope, V, Jungkook) have been on the Road to world domination, the girl group Blackpink (Jennie, Lisa, Rose, Jisoo) made their debut on South Korean social media platform Weverse which led to serious confusions among fans. On Monday evening (IST), Billboard Hot 100 yet again reinforced the power of BTS with Butter maintaining its number 1 position while Permission to Dance continuing its streak on the top 10 list. Both songs of BTS have been proving to be a huge blockbuster, creating records and history together.

As soon as Billboard Hot 100 weekly list was announced, Suga couldn’t stop expressing his gratitude to ARMY and hoped they could hold a concert soon. The septet continues to work on their music as they rule the world with their irresistible charms. BTS has been making sure to keep the ARMY entertained, nonetheless, with their regular posts and Bangtan bomb episodes. On August 3, the members will return with another episode of Run BTS which has again left ARMY excited.

Meanwhile, on August 2, Blackpink also made their much-awaited debut on Weverse but it left many of the BTS ARMY and other fans upset. Why? Well, it seemed that Weverse sent out notifications about Blackpink to the mass subscribers who did not even join the Blink club. The fans were quick to point out the mistake to the app which diligently apologised as soon as it acknowledged what went wrong.

Blackpink fans are delighted for many reasons, most being their much-awaited debut. Blackpink members would earlier communicate with fans via V Live but with Weverse, they can finally chat and be in regular touch with their fanbase around the globe. Jennie and Rose even posted quite a few updates on the app as they made their debut.

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