Squid Game star and Indian actor Anupam Tripathi recalls days when he had no work and doing Indian films

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Squid Game has opened new horizons for K-culture to reach the Indian audience. The show which dabbles with various shades of humanity stars Indian-origin actor Anupam Tripathi alongside stalwarts of Korean industry, Park Hae-soo and Lee Jung-Jae. Anupam plays the role of a Pakistani immigrant, Ali Abdul, in Squid Game and has been receiving praises for his performance. Ali is an average naïve person who is too good to be true. He is someone who treats everyone with respect and is moved by a mere sweet gesture. His character is perhaps one of the noblest ones. Bollywood Bubble got an exclusive opportunity to interact with Anupam Tripathi, who joined us from South Korea via zoom for a roundtable interview.

Speaking about his breakout role and the adulation he has been receiving, Anupam shared that ‘it is a dream come true’ for him and he did not expect such a huge response. Anupam travelled to South Korea, 11 years back, with a scholarship to study and after a lot of ups and downs, he has finally made it in the limelight. But, the journey wasn’t easy. It was filled with its own highs and lows. We asked Anupam Tripathi what kept him going in rough times, especially in a new country? Starting off with a chuckle, Anupam shared, “(haha), When I first came to Korea, I can assure you I cried like a Baby and wanted to go back home for the first three and a half months. Everybody was just like, things happen to you and I was adamant to go back home but my passport was in the office that’s why I couldn’t. (Laughs). What kept me going was that I wanted to do this, I chose this. I wanted to learn so how can I leave what I chose?

Anupam added that with time, things started to fall in place for him, as he learnt the language and started mingling with people at work and made friends. “Slowly, things got better when I started learning the language, with people here, my friends, my classmates, juniors, people you meet while working, everyone was warm to me. Till now, Korean people are nice to me. They are accepting me. That’s how I took my every step. There were hard times, low times, where for a month you have no work, no scholarship so how to survive? I have worked in a restaurant and done whatever I had to do for survival… but my zeal was there, I have to do it, I have to make this happen.


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There is no doubt that Anupam today has become a global figure. With his Indian roots, he has become a ‘hero’ of sorts in the country. We asked him if he is open to working in Indian films as well. To which, Anupam ecstatically shared, “Of course, I would love to perform in my own language, in front of my own people, that is the base of my craft. If I am allowed to perform, with good stories, I would love to. The best thing I know is acting. I know Korean, Hindi and English and I am open to doing whatever I can to be able to tell stories in these languages.

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